5 Ways to Earn Free Gift Cards

5 Tips FREE GiftCards

One of the main questions that I get asked on a regular basis is: “How can I get FREE Gift cards if I haven’t won a giveaway?” The truth is, it is way easier than you probably think! When I first started on my couponing journey, I was in graduate school and saving all the money I could. Then, I utilized the tips I’m about to share with you, to earn free gift cards for myself, my family and my friends!

5 Ways to Earn FREE Gift Cards

  1. Join Swagbucks – This is my FAVORITE site to earn FREE Gift Cards, because it is so easy to do so and they have a LOW redemption Threshold. All you have to do is search the web, answer polls, take surveys, watch videos! All that is quick, painless, and FREE! Once you reach 500 Points, you can cash out for a FREE $5.00 Gift Card (only 450 points for Amazon)!
  2. Join Free Rewards Programs like Pampers Gifts to Grow, Recyclebank and Disney Movie Rewards. Enter Codes to earn points and earn ponts off of your purchase of their products! It’s quick and easy to sign up for these!
  3. Sign Up for Epoll – I often get asked which survey companies are the best, in regards to integrity and rewards, this is one of my favorites and the top one to join for earning FREE Gift Cards to practically almost anywhere! Join now and confirm your account to start earning FREE Points to Redeem for Gift Cards at many popular stores!
  4. Check out MyPointsMyPoints is like the premiere site for FREE Gift Cards! When you sign up and confirm your email address, you will snag 100 FREE Points! Then, do the free tasks, search the web, read emails, complete surveys, play games and much more to add to your point total! Once you earn enough, cash out for FREE Gift Cards to many popular retailers!
  5. Follow Our Facebook Page! We giveaway FREE Gift Cards to readers daily!


Sign up for these free programs and start earning gift cards today. You will love having them on hand when you shop for groceries, clothing, and other home essentials. Take a little time each day to take surveys and enter reward codes so you can be on your way to earning those high value cards!

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Ten Ways to Save $100s A Year


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I get a lot of emails from readers about how they can save money without using coupons so much! I know couponing can be a hard hobby to master and so I wanted to share with you all some great ways you can save $100 or more a year by eliminating simple things in your life. This isn’t something that will take your joy away or prevent you from living your life, these are just tips to help you save more money and get out of debt without using as many coupons!

  1. Skip the morning latte – A drive thru coffee drink can cost you as much as $5. Instead, make your own coffee at home at least 20 days out of the month and you save $100.
  2. Clip and redeem $25 in coupons per week – When the Sunday paper comes, clip at least $25 worth of coupons good on the products you use regularly. When you redeem them over the course of the month, you will save $100. You can also print coupons on many various coupon websites! Check out this site to see which coupons will arrive in your paper each week!Netflix
  3. Eliminate the extras your cable company offers such as high def channels and movie channels and you can easily save $35 or more a month. Over the course of 3 months, you can save $100. You can sign up for a FREE Trial of Netflix (30 Days) here (Just pay $7.95 each month after)! That’s a great deal, considering you are only paying $7.95 per month to watch your favorite shows and movies

4. Combine your errands – When running errands, try to combine them all over the course of one day instead of a bunch of small trips through out the week. When you do this you can easily save $10 a week in gas if not more. After ten weeks, you have saved $100.

5. Shop second hand clothing stores – When you buy secondhand clothing, you can score pieces for as low as $2 each. Swap out just 6 department store pieces (at approx. $20 each retail) for 6 second hand/thrift store pieces and you save $100! Sign up for online sites that are offering up free credits and share the link with your friends to earn more credits and snag free clothing! Right now, LikeTwice.com is offering up a FREE $10 New Member Credit (Can be used towards shipping) when you sign up here for a new account!

6. Don’t be Brand Loyal – If you are really going to save money, you cannot be Brand Loyal. I literally save $100s a month just by buying store brand products over the competitor brand or national brand products!

7. Skip the dry cleaning – Iron your own clothing and invest in non-dry clean clothing items so you can skip the dry cleaners. By omitting this service you can easily save $100 over the course of a few months.

8. Be mindful of utility usage – Shut off lights when not in use. Take shorter showers. Se your thermostat a few degrees lower. Small changes like this add up and you can easily save $100 or more over the course of a year.

9. Join a baby sitting co-op – Exchange baby sitting services with a friend or group of parents instead of paying a sitter by the hour. With many sitters charging as much as $10 an hour, it won’t take long before you save $100 by joining a co-op.

10. Make your own cleaners – There are thousands of make your own cleaner recipes online that are easy and inexpensive to make. Find some recipes that appeal to you and mix up your own for pennies. Over the course of a year, you can easily save $100 or more. Check out how you can make your own Non-Stick Cooking Spray and Homemade Dish Soap!


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Get Organized with These FREE Holiday Planning Printables

Download Planner Here

Need to get organized for Christmas? Here are 3 printables you can use to help save you time and money while shopping for Christmas and wrapping gifts! Just head on over and print out this Holiday Planner From Katie’s Krazy Savings!

Your planner comes with these pages:

  • Christmas Gift List
  • To Do before the 25th List
  • Holiday Party Planner

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DIY Candles Made from Citrus Fruit!

Diy Citrus Fruit Candles

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Did you know that Citrus fruit not only offers essential vitamins and nutrients to our systems, it also provides many uses for household products and needs! Check out this easy recipe below to make Emergency Candles Out of left over Citrus Fruit that You may have lying around!


  • Citrus Fruit (Grapefruit, Lemon or Orange)
  • Any Type Of Oil (Olive, Vegetable, Canola etc.)
  • Knife


  1. Remove using the knife or eat the middle of the fruit, making sure you leave the middle stem intact.
  2. When cutting out the meat of the fruit, it is easiest to go from the edges in.
  3. If time allows let fruit dry out for 1-2 hours.
  4. Then fill fruit with your oil to just below the center stem.
  5. You are then ready to light your citrus wick and you will have a fully functioning candle.

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Free Daily Planner Printable – Katie’s Krazy Savings 5 Week Debt Free Series!


Click Photo to print on 8×10 paper

I have been waiting for something to debut to all of you for a long time, so I am happy to now offer you all this FREE Daily Planner Printable! Print one out for every day to keep track of important tasks for the day and much more!

Also, each week, I’ll be releasing a new printable, for 5 consecutive weeks, to help you plan and budget, and most importantly, save!

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Teach Your Children How to Budget and Spend Wisely for FREE with Virtual Piggy!

Virtual Piggy

If you have a child between the ages of 11-18, then you know that they are starting to want to have more money and more responsibilities! Make sure they get started on the right page when it comes to finances and they’ll be good to go with the future! Virtual Piggy is a FREE Online Family Wallet, exclusively for children and teens ages 11-18, where you can add money and track their spending! While tracking their spending, Virtual Piggy will create a Budget for them and for you to look at to see which areas the children and teens are saving in and which areas they need to be! You set the amount and they can spend it, using their Virtual Piggy Log-in on several popular online sites!

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 9.46.13 AM

Here’s how it works:


  1. Sign up for a FREE Virtual Piggy Parent Account Here – You’ll be asked to set up preferred payment and shipping info but will not be charged until your child makes a transaction!
  2. Set up Controls on each child’s account – Set a Budget, that will teach them how to save and spend wisely!
  3. Set up Budgets, View Transactions and more with the Parent Dashboard
  4. Child Dashboard – View Budget, Create Wishlists, Manage Savings and Learn about Budget Management!
  5. Your Child Shops at Their Favorite Stores Online and Checkout Using the Virtual Piggy Button (Pictured Above) – It’s Safe and Secure
  6. At Checkout, your Child enters their Virtual Piggy Username and Password – Your child will never be asked to provide their name, email address, shipping or billing info. It will be pulled safely and securely with Virtual Piggy!

If you’ve tried this program before, leave us your thoughts in the comments below!


FREE Offer – FREE Online Chore Chart: Teach Kids how to Spend, Save, and Budget Wisely!


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Six Mistakes That Lead to Debt and How to Regain Your Financial Freedom!


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With the economy being bad for at least 5 years now, it is hard to look back on the time when we had money to spend and not many worries. Now a days, with the economy fluctuating, there are things we need to do to not become overwhelmed by the debt and bills that are piling up! I found this great six step list on Learnvest on the biggest financial Mistakes that Women make with their money and suggestions  they give to help you rebuild your life and gain financial freedom!

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Top 6 Financial Blunders for Women and How to Regain Control:

  1. You Feel Like You’re Never Going to Pay Down Your Debt – Work on paying the minimum on credit card and loan balances without using the cards for a few months. Don’t take out additional loans when you don’t have the money to pay them back at the time. Only when you’ve begun to pay a huge chunk of that debt off, start using your credit card and Loans for emergency purposes only.
  2. You Feel Out of Control When It Comes to Your Spending - When you have money you spend it, right?! I know I used to do that, and that is how I got started with couponing, because I had no money and I had to provide for myself. Being a single woman, I had to do everything I could to save what little money I had. Learnvest suggests to take 60 seconds each day to see how much you’re spending—and how much you have left. This daily check-in will help you to stay accountable in relation to your monthly budget
  3. How Am I Going to Pay Off College Debt?! – Don’t be like me and continue to be paying off that debt 6 years after you graduate college! Start researching for your kids on Student Loan Rates and Scholarship options. Also, make a Savings Account for your child that is used specifically to pay off tuition and other school expenses! If you don’t do this before hand, you can owe tens of thousands of dollars that you most likely do not have to spend!
  4. You’re Not on Track for Retirement - If your budget does not have a space for your retirement goals, make one! Find out how much you make on a weekly basis and save the extra money (like money you save by using coupons or online deals) and put that money in a separate retirement account that cannot be touched until you are ready for retirement.
  5. Your Credit Score Is LOW – First things first, head on over to Credit Sesame, where you can snag a 100% FREE Credit Score Analysis and tips on how to rebuild your credit and Lower your score. Truthfully, I had no idea how much debt I was in until I checked my credit score. Now, I check it on a monthly basis to see how I am improving and what areas in my spending I need to work on for the following month!
  6. You’re Worried about your Parents -  Most of us are taught that when we become adults, we will need to take care of our parents as they age and begin the ending process of their lives. Instead of worrying, see where they are in funeral and life insurance needs and suggest ways for them to save in order to help you and other family members take care of them and their needs in the future

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Let RetailMeNot Buy Your Shopping Cart!


Have a deal you’ve been eyeing online, but just don’t have the money to cover it right now? From now until August 31st any purchase by a registered member of RetailMeNot has a 1 in 10 shot to get paid back in full! How awesome is that?!

How it works:

1.       Become a RetailMeNot member for free or log in to your account

2.       Use a coupon from RetailMeNot to make an online purchase

3.       If you win, they’ll email you a VISA Virtual Rewards Card

It’s that easy – shop to win! Start shopping now.


I also wanted to mention that if you haven’t already, be sure and download the RetailMeNot Mobile Coupons App.  Not only does the app provide deal alerts while shopping at your favorite malls, it has a new and improved design and the ability to bookmark your favorite stores as well as save coupons across devices. What are you waiting for? This is one of my favorite apps and I use it on a daily basis to find deals for all of you, my lovely readers!

Download the app now!

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Give and Get Gifts, Plan Parties and Find the Best Prices with Ziftit!


Have you heard of Ziftit? It is a virtual site where you can browse gifts, show them to others, give gifts and get gifts! This will be great to have on hand when you are doing your shopping for holidays and birthdays this year! Ziftit helps you browse gifts and save the ones you want, to send to your loved ones when it is time to go shopping! Also, with Ziftit, you can browse gifts that you want to give and find the best price for them!

Their mission is simple: It is our Mission to satisfy gift givers and gift recipients by allowing both sides of the gifting process to Get The Right Gift, Every Time – in a personal, efficient and 100% on target manner.


Need to plan an event?: Ziftit makes it easy for you to plan and manage Events. It’s great for Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Wedding Registries and more! To start, create an invitation that includes all the details so friends can RSVP to let you know if they‘ll make it. Then, set up an Event Zift List so the partygoers know what gifts to get.


Also, they have cool tools for you to use, even if you’re on the go: Ziftit is there for you, no matter where you go. Surfing the web and run across a gift you want? You’re covered! With our Browser Plugin, you can easily add gifts from any website. At a store and find a gift you want? No problem! With our iPhone App, you can easily scan product barcodes to add gifts from any store. Sign up for their iPhone App Here!

I’m excited to check out this new gift giving site, as I think it will be much easier for me to find the best gifts and deals on them for my loved ones this fall!

Check out Ziftit Here!

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Save on Back to School Deals with RetailMeNot + Enter to Win a Costco Shopping Spree For your Favorite Teacher!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 11.01.08 AM

Back to School Season is upon us, with many children starting school in less than a month! That is why, it is my mission to help you find the best Back to School deals, so you can save more in your budget and your children can get all they need for the upcoming school year!

RetailMeNot, an online site that offers printable coupons and online coupons for thousands of stores nationwide, also has the desire to help you save the most money while shopping for your children! School expenses can be some of the biggest expenses in your family each year, with backpacks, school supplies, locker rentals, games, and more, it is imperative, as someone who is living a frugal lifestyle, to budget and set aside the least amount possible for Back to School Purchases!

That doesn’t mean you have to get the children knock offs or cheap items, our mission is to help you find the best deals on the best items for your kids as they head back to school this fall! RetailMeNot has a wide selection of Back to School Deals, both online and at stores, on their special page they just launched for Back to School purchases!

Do you know of a teacher who has gone above and beyond their call of duty for your child or children? Head on over and nominate them to win a 3-minute Costco Shopping Spree, provided by RetailMeNot! Just head on over and nominate your favorite teacher and why you think they deserve this special shopping spree! You have until August 31, 2013, to nominate your favorite teacher!

Looking for more offers?  Check out some great clearance sales for top brands, as well as awesome deals at local restaurants, on pizza, and more! Also, be sure to download the RetailMeNot Mobile Coupons App  and receive deal alerts while you’re shopping at your favorite malls!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the RetailMeNot Blogger Network. All views and opinions are 100% those of Katie’s Krazy Savings, and Katie’s Krazy Savings was not compensated for her opinions.

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